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Hanging Card Frame

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An adjustable hanging frame for displaying your treasured greeting cards.

* Card Height - up to 16cm
* Card Width - 10-16cm wide (We think this size range looks the best. The frame is 15cm wide)
* Card Thickness - Most folded greeting cards are perfect (which are commonly printed on 300gsm paper). The slot suits up to 3mm thick, in front of the cord suits up to 1mm thick (about 600gsm).
* Ideal Card Size - the common card size of A6 (15cm x 10cm) in portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal)
* Made from premium, sustainable timber
* 100% cotton cord
* Designed & crafted in Australia

    It’s fast & simple use - just slide the top timber piece up & down the cotton cord & place your greeting card into the slot.